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Dolphin Quest

Nature's Treasures

The Kahala’s natural ocean water lagoon is home to a family of playful Atlantic Bottlenose dolphins where guests have the chance to come face-to-face with these amazing creatures; an experience that gives an unforgettable glimpse into the lives of dolphins in a beautiful environment.


Meaning ‘star’ in Hawaiian, Hoku was born at The Kahala in 1991 and is certainly a stellar dolphin. He even has a restaurant named after him.



Kolohe, or ‘Rascal’, is from Dolphin Quest Hawaii, where his mother, Shaka, currently lives. Kolohe is usually one of the first to try new things.

Nai Noa dolphin

Nai Noa

‘The Wanderer’ Nai Noa is immediately recognizable by his chocolate-colored topside. Nai Noa was born at Dolphin Quest Hawaii in October 1997.

Liho Dolphin


Meaning 'rare and precious' in Hawaiian, Liho is a terrific dolphin with an extremely apt name. Liho loves any guest interaction and is one of a kind.

Lono Dolphin


Named after the Hawaiian god of fertility and farming, Lono is the largest and oldest of our Dolphin Quest Oahu family and has sired several calves.

Hua Dolphin


Hua means egg in Hawaiian as he was born on Easter Sunday. Hua’s distinct feature is that his lower rostrum is longer than his upper rostrum an 'under-bite'.

Further information

Discover a wide range of incredible programs with our dolphins. Become a trainer for a day or a week, feed and play with the dolphins in the shallow lagoon, or enjoy the experience with your whole family. Participation in a Dolphin Quest experience supports vital marine mammal conservation, education and scientific study. To find out more about our exciting dolphin programs, click here.

Dolphin Quest Reservations

Contact: +1 (808) 739.8918 or +1 (808) 739.8888
Toll Free: +1 (800) 248 3316
Email: [email protected]

Dolphin Quest Programs

Dolphin Adventure

Spend quality time with your new dolphin friends in this premium Dolphin Adventure that features maximum togetherness and fun. You’ll love this intimate dolphin swim. Full of your favorite dolphin touch, feed, play and training activities. $310 per guest, age: 5 and older, program length: 1 hour (35 minutes of fun with dolphins)   book program

Dolphin Encounter

Join our amazing dolphins for a play-date in our blue lagoons and a touching, up-close and personal experience you’ll never forget. $225 per guest, age: 5 and older, program length: 30 minutes (25 minutes of fun with dolphins)   book program

Kids Aquatic Adventure

Kids will have loads of fun in this hands-on adventure featuring a face-to-face dolphin encounter, a rendezvous with Hawaiian reef fish and other marine animals, combined with exciting activities and games. $199 per guest, age: 5 and older, program length: 1 hour & 30 minutes (20 minutes of fun with dolphins)   book program

Premier Experience

In this intimate dolphin encounter supreme, enjoy swimming and playing with dolphins in a personalized session as your own private group. $975 per group age: All, program length: 45 minutes (30 minutes of fun with dolphins), group size: Up to 3 Guests   book program

Dolphin Dip

You’ll have fun, fun, fun in this dolphin meet and greet, where you’ll touch, feed and play with our dolphins in The Kahala’s shallow water lagoon. $189 per guest AGE: 5 and older* PROGRAM LENGTH: 15 minutes (15 minutes of fun with dolphins)   book program

Wee Family, Fins and Fun

A special dockside dolphin encounter designed for parents and youngsters. Dolphin feeding, dolphin play-time and the cutest photo op ever! $149 per Adult/Toddler Pair (Each additional guest 5 and older may be added for $149 each), age: Child 0-4 & adult 18 or older, program length: 15 minutes (10 minutes of fun with dolphins)   book program

Family Swim Program

Bring your ‘ohana’ (Hawaiian for ‘family’) to play with our dolphin ohana, for fantastic family fun and an extraordinary and memorable family experience. A Dolphin Encounter reserved for your family and friends only! $1,475 per group of 6, age: All, program length: 30 minutes (25 minutes of fun with dolphins), group size: Up to 6 Guests   book program

Trainer For A Day

Spend a day with our amazing Dolphin Quest dolphins and see if you have what it takes to be a dolphin trainer extraordinaire! If you love dolphins, this is the program for you. Dolphin training is a dream job, and it’s important and challenging work, too. Trainer for a Day is exciting and fun, with dolphins, dolphins and more dolphins! $700 per guest, age: 10 and older program length: 5 hours & 30 minutes    book program

Trainer For a Week

Treat yourself to a dolphin lover’s dream vacation and become a ‘Trainer for a Week’ at Dolphin Quest! Get to know your new best friends in this ultimate up-close and personal experience with dolphins. You’ll learn a lot and have a ton of fun doing it! $3,250 per guest, age: 12 and older program length: 5 hours & 30 minutes a day (5 consecutive days)   book program

Cancellation Policy

Dolphin Quest recommends that all participants check in and be ready 30 minutes prior to each program. Reservations may be cancelled 48 hours prior to the scheduled time without charge. Any cancellations received within 48 hours will be assessed as a full charge for the program reserved per person.

For the benefit of the dolphins...

Dolphin Quest reserves the right to cancel or reschedule the above programs at anytime.


Program times and rates are subject to change. Prices are subject to 4.712% state tax.

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