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08/25/2016 0 comments

In Part 1 of our roundup of Kahala Hotel & Resort health-and-wellness experiences, we detailed our blissful onsite spa treatments and our wide-ranging restaurants. This time around, we’ll survey a few of the outdoor activities that manage to combine healthful exercise with loads of world-class scenery and fun.

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08/18/2016 0 comments

A visit to the Hawaiian Islands rejuvenates and restores by its very nature: The wash of a sea breeze through the coconut palms, the roar of a jungle waterfall, the sight of a green sea turtle gliding over a near shore reef, the dance of a beach fire before a Pacific sunset—this archipelago is infused with serene spirit. Guests have been seeking serenity (not to mention fun & adventure) at the Kahala Hotel & Resort for decades, and these days our health-and-wellness offerings are more extensive than ever.



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02/08/2016 0 comments

The Kahala Spa In Room Bath Menu

No time to visit The Kahala Spa?  Let our spa come to you.  Choose from a delicious collection of in-room bath treatments composed of essential Kahala Spa bath products.  Each treatment is good for multiple baths so you can enjoy them during your stay or after you return home.   

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