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The Kahala Hotel & Resort Receives 2015 Governor’s Green Business Award


The Kahala Hotel & Resort was recognized by the state of Hawai‘i with the 2015 Governor’s Green Business Award for its sustainable efforts. The legendary resort has served as an industry leader in the Hawaiian Islands in implementing sustainable practices in its daily operations for more than 50 years.

By collaborating with its owners, vendors and business partners, the resort has actively worked to lessen the environmental footprint of its daily operations through conserving natural resources, minimizing waste and pollution and raising environmental awareness among its employees, guests and communities.

We are truly honored to accept this award from the state of Hawai‘i because our resort shares the belief that it is our kuleana to do everything we can to serve as good stewards of our environment in order to move towards a sustainable future.

Thanks to the help of our dedicated employees, we continue to serve as a huge proponent of reducing our carbon footprint through sustainable efforts that range from solid waste reduction and recycling to energy efficiency and water conservation—all to better serve our communities.

The Kahala Hotel & Resort’s sustainable initiatives, efforts and practices include:


  • Communications on recycling efforts to employees.
  • Employee contributions including suggestion box, community clean ups, incentives, best practices departmental-wide, health and wellness programs.
  • Green waste recycle container (plant material only for compost use).
  • Waste cooking oil is collected and processed into bio-diesel fuel.
  • Food waste recycling (pig farmer uses waste as animal feed).
  • Compost generated in-house from using worms (vermin composting).
  • Landscaping utilized to create herb/vegetable garden which provides fresh herbs/vegetables for our restaurants and employee cafeteria.
  • Grass-cycling
  • Food & Beverage recycling containers collect aluminum cans, bottles, glass, fiber (office paper, corrugated cardboard, newspapers), wood, and scrap metal. Each month diverts approximately 9.5 tons of recyclable materials from the island’s landfills.
  • Recycling containers placed in all offices
  • Recycling bags placed on housekeeping carts for soda cans and newspapers.
  • Recycled bottles from guestrooms are donated to charitable organizations such as Aloha United Way.
  • Take-out packaging is made from biodegradable corn-based plastics.
  • All reusable hotel items such as mattresses, art, furniture, dishes, etc. are given to local charities or sold to employees.
  • Cloth napkins, refillable containers, reusable coasters, and reusable flatware are used in all restaurants on property.
  • Glass cups are provided in guestrooms.
  • Collaborate with vendors to minimize product packaging, require corrugated cardboard boxes, and use recycling or reusable packaging and take-back packaging.


  • Purchase toilet tissue, facial tissue, and paper towels and office paper with recycled content.
  • Purchase recycled-content construction materials when building/remodeling.
  • Use recyclable laser and copier toner cartridges.
  • Implement procurement guidelines of purchase and use of products with recycled content.


  • A/C and lighting systems for the property are operated on an energy management system.
  • A/C programmable digital thermostats installed in guestrooms and automated to shut off when lanai door is open.
  • Ceiling fans installed in all guestrooms can be used as an alternative for A/C.
  • Blackout drapes installed in all guestrooms replaces 75-watt incandescent bulbs in guestrooms with compact fluorescents with an estimated reduction of approximately 180,000 kilowatt-hours (kWh) per year.
  • Heat produced by the chiller system is used to heat swimming pool.
  • Variable frequency speed drives installed on major equipment.
  • Thermal sliding-glass doors and windows install in all guest rooms.
  • Energy Star equipment featuring energy efficient washers and dryers install on property. Dryers include dampness sensors.
  • High-efficiency hot water heaters install on property for domestic and laundry use.
  • High-efficiency motors install in elevators.
  • Lighting retrofits on property include high-efficiency fluorescent bulbs, light sensors and timer booster heaters for dishwashers.
  • Preventative maintenance measures provided for guestrooms, kitchens and laundry areas.
  • Utraviolet (UV) and saline system installed in swimming pool to lower chemical levels and eliminate chlorine by-products for health and safety.


  • Deep water wells are used to cool chiller system, which saves the property approximately 380,000 kWH every year for electricity by not using two cooling towers.
  • About 320,000 Ibm is saved per year on CO2 for each cooling tower.
  • 8.6 gpm of evaporation for each cooling tower saves approximately 4,520,610 gallons of water a year operating at 70 percent capacity.
  • All guestrooms feature low-flow showerheads, low-flow toilets, and low-flow sinks aerators providing an estimated reduction in water usage by 40 to 50 percent.
  • Landscaping timers used along with drought-resistant plants.
  • Water efficient timers used in laundry room which reduces laundry cycles.



  • No chemicals used near property’s lagoon marine life and beach.
  • Landscaping practices include integrated pest management by choosing biological controls over chemicals through use of traps and barriers.
  • Boric acid-based products used for its eco-friendly and safe contents.
  • Recycle toner cartridges for copies and printers.
  • Recycle fluorescent bulbs and batteries.
  • Green Housekeeping products used for cleaning.
  • Encourage employees to use commuter alternatives and to minimize trips related to operations.
  • Lockers and showers provided for employees who walk, jog or bicycle to work.
  • Exterior of hotel and interior guest rooms and corridors painted with eco-friendly paint.



  • Painted Hills: Burgers served in restaurants on property are made with beef that are not certified organic but originate from cattle that are raised on no added hormones and no antibiotics; fed natural products; and raised on a 100 percent vegetarian diet.
  • Shelton Farms: Chicken served in restaurants on property are not certified organic, but originate from chicken that are grown in free-range conditions; never fed animal by-products; and not raised with antibiotic or artificial growth stimulants.
  • Nalo Farms: Majority of produced served in restaurants on property are not certified organic, but are cultivated using eco-friendly pet control products from the farm only and none from the fields.
  • MA‘O Farms: Vegetables such as salad greens, turnips and beets are certified organic and sourced locally.
  • Herb Garden: The Food & Beverage staff grows and maintains a garden of various herbs on property. The garden is fertilized by vermin-compost, which is made on property by staff.

Additionally, The Kahala Hotel & Resort’s famous living Orchid Wall has become an iconic feature of the hotel that has remained since the legendary resort first opened in 1964. With more than 100 varieties of orchids, the famous wall has served as a backdrop of wedding and family photos for more than 50 years.

For more information about The Kahala Hotel & Resort’s sustainable practices, visit www.kahalaresort.com.

The Honorable Governor David Ige recognized The Kahala Hotel & Resort with the 2015 Governor's Green Business Award for its ongoing sustainable efforts, which included solid waste reduction, recycling, energy efficiency and water conservation.

The Kahala Hotel & Resort Receives 2015 Governor’s Green Business Award

Pictured Left to Right:

  • Luis P. Salaveria, Director, DBEDT
  • Ellen Mansfield, Assistant Director of Engineering, The Kahala Hotel & Resort
  • Spring Chang, Director of Spa and Recreation, The Kahala Hotel & Resort
  • Governor David Ige, State of Hawaii
  • Cerise Nakaima, Catering & Conference Administrative Assistant, The Kahala Hotel & Resort
  • Denise Anderson, Purchasing Manager, The Kahala Hotel & Resort


The legendary Kahala Hotel & Resort is an oceanfront, destination luxury resort known for its impeccable service and gracious Hawaiian hospitality. Just minutes from Waikīkī, yet offering the exclusive ambiance of a neighbor island experience, The Kahala has been Honolulu's social address for weddings and gatherings since its opening in 1964. World leaders, royalty, rock bands and Oscar winners continue to call 338-room resort their home-away-from-home in Hawai‘i. Readers of TRAVEL+LEISURE, Conde Nast Traveler, Open Table, Trip Advisor and Fodor’s Travel have voted The Kahala as one of the best luxury resorts in the Hawaiian Islands The Kahala is a member of The Leading Hotels of the World and Preferred Hotels & Resorts. For more information on The Kahala Hotel & Resort please visit www.kahalaresort.com.


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