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Golden Keys To The City Of Honolulu Means Distinctive Service At The Kahala Hotel & Resort

At The Kahala Hotel & Resort, the keys to the city of Honolulu is a phone call away. The resort has two concierge members on staff with the prestigious “golden keys” or “Les Clefs d’Or.” Les Clefs d’Or USA is an exclusive international association of professional hotel concierges to ensure five-star customer care is flawlessly executed. The golden keys pin is bestowed after a rigorous assessment of a concierge member’s quality of service, commitment, and passion. Les Clefs d’Or members are renowned for their dedication and many years of hard work. They are motivated by a firm commitment to guest service and to the concierge profession. In the United States, the association represents more than 100,000 hotel rooms nightly at more than 25 four and five star properties across the country, members of Les Clefs d’Or (“keys of gold” in French) wear a lapel pin of crossed gold keys, the international symbol of the organization.

Susan Koki is the Chef Concierge at The Kahala Hotel & Resort. Susan received membership into the prestigious guild in 2002. She holds an impressive length of service of 28 years in the concierge profession. Susan’s extensive knowledge of the city of Honolulu and relationships with the city’s most influential players has garnered her a reputation as, the fulfiller of treasured memories.

Gloria Kennedy received her Les Clefs d’Or honor in 1996. Her passion for food and wine, and commitment to the industry, lead her to gain chef qualifications at renowned global luxury brands such as Ritz Calton and St. Regis hotels. Her discriminating palette and knowledge of unique culinary experiences have earned her the title of culinary connoisseur at the resort and highly sought after by discriminating diners. Combined, the concierge team has an extensive network of contacts and possesses knowledge of Hawaii’s most exclusive events and experiences. They truly hold the keys to Honolulu’s most preeminent invitations.

Les Clefs d’Or is recognized as the most prestigious concierge association in the world, with an extremely rigorous membership process. Having two concierge staff holding the golden keys is all the more an honor.

The Kahala Golden Keys Concierge Hotel in Honolulu Hawaii

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