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03/02/2017 0 comments

Complimentary Pacific Dream Photography

Sunrise to sunset, enjoy a complimentary photography session exclusively for guests of The Kahala. Our photographers will capture the special moments of your vacation on the beautiful grounds & beach of the resort. 

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03/08/2016 0 comments

Golden Keys To The City Of Honolulu Means Distinctive Service At The Kahala Hotel & Resort

The resort has two concierge members on staff with the prestigious “golden keys” or “Les Clefs d’Or.” Les Clefs d’Or USA is an exclusive international association of professional hotel concierges to ensure five-star customer care is flawlessly executed.

The Kahala Golden Keys Concierge Hotel in Honolulu Hawaii

The Kahala Hotel & Resort has two Golden Keys Concierge Hotel in Honolulu Hawaii


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