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The Kahala Garlic Toast Recipe


 Garlic Toast

Yields – ½ cup garlic butter – 8 garlic toasts
½ c        clarified butter
1pc        fresh garlic bulb, peeled & skin removed
1t        garlic powder
Pinch        onion powder
Pinch        Ground White pepper
Pinch          kosher salt
8 pcs        sliced home made sour dough bread loaf sliced ½ inch thick, crusts removed

Bring the clarified butter to just simmer, & add in peeled garlic (1 whole bulb) – remove from heat & allow to steep 20 mins.

Strain into bowl & add in other ingredients & whip gently till incorporated. Strain thru fine chinois.

Lay the sliced sour bread on baking sheet & generously brush on the garlic butter both sides of the sliced sour dough bread.

Place in pre heated 300F degree oven for 15-20mins or until golden brown & crispy.

Serve immediately.

Note – if home made sour dough bread not available – use your favorite local bakery as a source – stronger the sour dough flavor the better


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