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Oahu Travel Guide Pt. 3: Nightlife


A breathtaking Pacific sunset taken in from a postcard-perfect beach might well seem the highlight of an Oahu day, but it also opens a whole other chapter of excitement. The plethora of island entertainments to be had on the evening shift may just convince you to go the night-owl route, at least for a portion of your stay with us here at The Kahala.

Here’s a far-from-exhaustive run-through of some of your nightlife options!

Thrilling Cultural Evenings

No visit to Oahu’s complete without experiencing some of the venerable Polynesian heritage that still defines Hawaii at its core. Among many opportunities, consider swinging by the Polynesian Cultural Center on the North Shore for one of its after-hours offerings: whether a festive (and delicious) luau or the dynamic theatrical production of “Ha: Breath of Life,” a Polynesian saga.

And speaking of luaus, you might also consider the well-known Royal Luau hosted at Sea Life Park by famed fire-knife dancer Chief Sielu Avea.

Koko Marina Park

One of Hawaii’s most widely celebrated breweries, Kona, operates this cheery pub with a spectacular dockside setting. The interior décor’s amazing—furnishings rendered from the noble Hawaiian koa timber, a vintage brewing kettle and mashtun incorporated into the open-air kitchen’s pizza ovens—and you’ve got no fewer than 24 taps pouring a splendid variety of craft-beer styles. And between the retractable windows and the outside seating, you can happily toast the evening light on the Koko Marina and Honolulu’s skyline mountains.

Other Bars & Nightclubs

With Honolulu’s nocturnal energy near at hand, you’ve got an embarrassment of choices for nights-on-the-town here at The Kahala: from rollicking bars like Duke’s Waikiki (with its weekend live music) and Gordon Biersch (perched along Honolulu Harbor) to packed nightclubs such as Manifest in Chinatown and Zanzibar in Waikiki.

Sunset on the Beach

The Sunset on the Beach evening movies on Waikiki Beach are only shown a few weekends a year at this point, but if you can catch one it’s a pretty delightful tradition. Live music inaugurates the proceedings, local food vendors ply you with beachfront delicacies, and the films themselves are projected on a generous 30-foot screen with the Pacific Ocean as backdrop. Keep an eye on the Sunset on the Beach schedule right here.

The Veranda

We’d be remiss to exclude The Kahala’s very own Veranda restaurant from our nightlife roundup, as this classy eatery and lounge overlooking the beach treats our guests to wonderful live music in the evenings: deftly played jazz or Hawaiian tunes.

Luaus to nightclubs, live jazz to sand-in-your-toes movies—we’ve gestured at the diversity of evening entertainment in Oahu, but there’s vastly more to sample after the sun does its dreamy Pacific plunge. We’d be happy to give you more recommendations in person!

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