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If you’re seeking a preeminent spa experience in Hawaii, look no further than the Kahala Hotel & Resort. For decades, our guests have sought us out for the utmost in Oahu luxury, and that certainly extends to the tranquil space of the Kahala Spa: a genuine swath of paradise expressly designed for your own personal relaxation and rejuvenation.

Given the caliber of its treatments and its therapists, it’s no surprise that our on-site spa has received so many accolades—including a 2012 nod by Condé Nast Traveler as one of the Top 20 Resort Spas in the world.

The Kahala Spa Experience

The Kahala Spa incorporates soothing techniques from around the world, but a distinctly Hawaiian approach that incorporates the spirit of ancient Polynesian practices lies at the heart of our services. Whatever treatment you’re enjoying, you’ll ease into it with a Kahala signature experience: the ritual Hawaiian foot massage and sea-salt soak called Ho’omaka. This prelude to your main session, as you’ll quickly discover, serves as a delectable sensory wash all its own.

Spa Spectrum

The signature treatments at the Kahala Spa are comprehensive, to say the least. They include highly focused sessions such as the Hapai Lomi Mommy Massage, the Ali’i Detox, and the Sun Recovery Treatment to the all-around relaxation of the Oli Oli Lomilomi—our version of a traditional Hawaiian massage that incorporates warm stones, rainforest flower essences, and a Mamaki Mud leg wrap—and the Jetsetter’s Rejuvenation, the ideal way to truly inaugurate your Kahala vacation on the heels of your journey here.

These luxurious treatments lull you out of the clamor and swirl of everyday life into meditative bliss—an effect only enhanced by the sheer beauty of the Kahala Spa. With its lush landscaping and gorgeous treatment rooms outfitted with glass-walled showers, soaking tubs, and other irresistible features, this place stakes out its own “me-time” universe within the broader beauty of the Kahala Hotel & Resort.

The Kahala Spa’s Moonlight Wellness Series

Besides the everyday treatments, the Kahala Spa also offers monthly health-and-wellness sessions via the Moonlight Wellness Series, complimentary to guests of the Kahala Hotel & Resort. Through experiences such as guided meditations, the Moonlight Wellness Series provides a unique, communal venue for adopting lifestyle practices that steady the mind, nourish the soul, and revivify the body.

A spa session in Hawaii is a way to compliment the gorgeous land- and seascapes and the multicultural stimulation you’re experiencing with some bone-deep pampering. The Kahala Spa specializes in just that in one of Oahu's most legendary resorts. Come find your bliss right here!

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