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Down Memory Lane


Down Memory Lane

In honor of the Golden Jubilee 50th Anniversary Celebration at The Kahala Hotel & Resort, we asked our valued guests to share their Kahala memories.  We hope you enjoy reading about these magical moments and treasured memories.  We look forward to creating 50 more years of treasured memories at The Kahala. #atthekahala

Wedding at The Kahala Hotel & Resort

Wedding of Paul & Susan Archer at The Kahala Hotel & Resort on August 27, 2006. Submitted by Paul Archer, Bellevue, WA on October 5, 2014.

View from our balcony, prior to wedding

In front of the Koko Head gazebo after the wedding

On the beach - we're married !



Pictures of my children at The Kahala Hotel & Resort


Pictures of my children Flynn and Shelby during 2006 visit to the Kahala, swimming with the dolphins.  Flynn was 8 years old at the time and Shelby was 7. Submitted by Paul Archer from Bellevue, WA on October 3, 2014.

Shelby kissing dolphin


Flynn kissing dolphin


Flynn & Shelby swimming with dolphin


My parents celebrated their honeymoon at the Kahala when it opened in 1964!


My parents celebrated their honeymoon at the Kahala when it opened in 1964!  As a family we spent every year at the Kahala for our yearly Hawaiian vacation.  My sister and I were always photographed at the same location on the peninsula with the iconic hotel in the background. So many memories at such a special place.....paddle boats, delicate thin pancakes, poolside burgers from our favorite chef, swimming to the floating island, shuffle board, the dolphins, the dolphins swimming by our lagoon room, Thanksgiving's at the Mali Room, and running up the fire escape stairs to get the 360 views from the roof (back in the day)!  Just arriving in the lobby was like coming home!  Seen so many changes!  saw all the different ownerships (The Hilton, The Mandarin, etc) but the Kahala always possessed the same feeling, 1st Class and incomparable!  What a hotel and it's prime location. So many memories of Magnum P.I. being filmed down the beach and star sightings at the hotel.  Thank you Kahala and Happy 50th!  You always have a special place in my heart and in my memories.  Cheers- John Ellis from Portland, OR


Our family has been going to the Kahala for over 25 years


Our family has been going to the Kahala for over 25 years - here we are in the hot tub in 2000. Now our boys are much older but they still love the place.  Much aloha, the Fan-Schaefer Family from Montclair, NJ










“I have all your record and tape.”


DM-40-kahala.JPGCongratulations on the Golden Jubilee of the Kahala—such a wonderful resort with a deep and rich history.


I have enjoyed every second I have spent there—from hanging with the kids at the Keiki Pool to fabulous meals and drinks at your establishments. Nothing but the kindest hospitality has been extended to my family and me during our visits.


One funny story I’d like to share involves hanging out in our cabana on the beach. The server, after some nervous banter, told me, in no uncertain terms, that I was, in fact, his favorite artist in the world and loved my music more than anything. After much shock on my part, and an obvious mistaken identity on his part (I happen to resemble the guy very closely), I decided to let the cat out of the bag and inform him that I was not who he thought I was. My wife quickly dug her fingernails about two inches deep into my arm. Realizing I should shut up, I let him go with the certain knowledge that I was who he thought I was. I asked my wife, “what was that all about (digging her fingernails into my arm)?” She said “let it go, he’d be crushed and embarrassed beyond belief if he were to know the truth.”


Now, I realize there are more than likely policies at The Kahala about the staff confronting celebrities, but this young man obviously couldn’t resist. I will withhold his identity, in the words of Dragnet, “...to protect the innocent.” 

By the third day when we left, everyone at the Kahala was thoroughly convinced that I was who they thought I was, which will be revealed at my signature line. I never played it up or told them I was—it just took on a life of its own.


The best line I got was from a bartender at the beach bar (delightful man) who said, “I have all your record and tape.”


Anyway, wanted to share this story with you guys and I often share it with many belly laughs with my friends to spread the great word about your resort.


Thanks so much for all you and your staff have done and continue to do,

Dave Matthews (not that one)

A decade of memories revolve around The Kahala

In the late 1960s through the 1970s my late parents owned a home we lived in on Laukahi Street on Waialae Iki Ridge.  My dad kept a spotting scope on our table on the lanai - he was just a SURE he would see "something exciting" happen in one of the rooms.  Of course he never did!

I spent summers hanging out on the beach back in the days when Bobby Krewson ran the concession there.

My career goal for many years was to be the PR Director for the hotel - I was inspired by Kay Ahern.

My parents' friends owned the art gallery concession in the hotel and my mom worked there as a favor when they went on vacation.  She met Helen Copeland (a hotel guest) there and my attendance at (and graduation from) Lewis & Clark College in Portland are a direct result of that meeting.

It's safe to say that a decade of memories revolve around the Kahala.

Rosemary Dunn
Anchorage, AK


Spent the first week of our honeymoon at The Kahala


My husband and I were married July 25, 1970  and spent the first week of our honeymoon at the Kahala, then the Kahala Hilton.  We have since enjoyed stays there on our 17th anniversary when it was owned by Mandarin Oriental, a family vacation sometime after that, and for our 40th anniversary 2 years ago.  We look forward to a return trip in 2014.
Mahalo and aloha,
Penny Genise

The Wolks, Returning guests since 1966











Sheldon & Helaine Wolk - Returning guests since 1966

It is our paradise on Earth.

We would like to extend our sincere congratulations to The Kahala Hotel & Resort on their Golden Jubilee.

It has been our favorite family vacation destination for over thirty years. Our children were very young when we first started staying at The Kahala. Now, we've continued on with the tradition with our grandchildren, who have been visiting The Kahala before they could even walk. It is our paradise on Earth. Wishing The Kahala another successful fifty years!


Neil & Leba Sedaka 

Mizel Family at The Kahala





Fond Memories from a Lifetime



Our family' s recollection of the most wonderful time spent at the Kahala “Hilton" Hotel. 1969 to the present.

We are grateful to the Kahala Hotel and Resort for requesting our memories of the times we stayed with you. So here are a couple of our memories and more will be revealed ...

1. We arrive about 1970. At that time I was a young mother, age 29, with my two, adorable, adventurous children - Vincent (age 8) and Leslie (age 5). The adventure begins ...

On arrival I was busy checking in etc. Around dinnertime I started looking for the kids, who apparently discovered on their own that they had arrived in some sort of private paradise. I started looking at the pool and spotted Leslie in the pool with no one around except a petite woman in a turned-down sailor hat. I had told Leslie it was time for dinner and we had to go to our room to get ready. Leslie had been engaging in a conversation with the woman sitting in a chaise while Leslie was in the pool. I never even glanced at the woman - busy with my own thoughts until the woman asked me,“Is this your daughter?” I quickly looked at the woman and answered,“Yes." Leslie poked her nose over the pool ledge and said,“Mom this is Carol Burnett." I took a second look at the woman and yes! it was Carole Burnett. Not wanting to invade her private time at the pool I simply smiled in recognition and busied myself convincing Leslie to get out of the pool. Carole Burnett started engaging in small talk. After a minute or two, she said, in a very amused way, “Leslie says she loves my show and watches me all the time and her brother Vincent does too." However, she said that, “When my Dad walks in the room and your show is on he makes me TURN the channel." OMG! I was embarrassed at the blatant honesty of my little girl. Carole Burnett was just wonderfully amused. During the rest of our vacation
she enjoyed having breakfast with her children and mine.

2. Leaving San Francisco for another trip to paradise, a.k.a. the Kahala Hilton, my daughter Leslie was given $5.00 to spend by her Dad. This was sometime in the early 70's. After a few glorious days at the hotel 1 started to notice Leslie sitting in the restaurant on more than a few occasions enjoying a "Pineapple Boat" which was a hollowed out, half pineapple with wonderful fruit, I believe sorbet, and as all made out of pineapple skin. A beautiful, elaborate, one-of-a-kind creation prepared by the kitchen staff. Then I noticed her later, at the “little food hut" near the swimming pool, ordering a macadamia nut sundae. In between time she lacked for nothing. When I asked her how much money she had left of Daddy’s money she happily pronounced, "The whole $5.00," and added, "This hotel is great all you have to do is sign your name for anything." LIKE IT WAS ALL FREE!! What could I do but laugh.


Thank you again The Kahala Hilton for making the kids "free dreams" come true.
Loving Appreciation for all the wonderful times we spent and continue to spend at our “bit of paradise" - the Kahala Hotel & Resort,

Carole Spencer, San Mateo, CA

Thank you for my wonderful stay 



Thank you for my wonderful stay at the Kahala.
As always it was a pleasure to be welcomed by my old friends Craig the doorman and Jackie at the front desk.

They always remember us and make us feel so welcome, when they say, “Welcome back Mr and Mrs Holckner” I know they really mean it.

I have been coming to the Kahala hotel for over 40 years. I came with my parents when I was a child year after year normally at Christmas time as a stopover on the way to Los Angeles.  We spent countless hours in the pool and on the beach, in those days all the planes from Australia flew via Honolulu for the big trip to the USA.

We, as children marvelled at the pool and the beach being so close to one another, it was a tropical beach with palm trees  and a big hotel that had so many floors. We felt so safe and so at home. The staff looked after us and always knew our names. It gave us the feeling of coming home to somewhere really familiar. I know my father taught my younger sister Charis to swim in your pool.

I think the breakfast at the Kahala was the first time I had ever seen a buffet, and what a buffet it is.
Now when I return some thirty years later, I still see Shelley who has been making my omelettes for many years, just the way I like them, without even having to ask. I believe that Shelley has moved behind the scenes into the kitchen now, and I do not see her as often but when I do, it is instant recognition and a big smile.

Twenty one years ago prior to our wedding in Maui, our whole family came here for a pre-wedding holiday before our marriage….some nineteen of our immediate family to share a long weekend all together.

It has always been an important part of my life.

About twenty years ago, I began work in my mother’s travel agency here in Melbourne, Atlas Travel Service. I then began sending clients to the Kahala just like my mother had done for years.
All have returned happy and thrilled with my hotel and holiday recommendation.

Then when we finally had a child we decided it was time for the third generation to experience the wonderful Kahala.

Now year after year we return with our son Jed. He now feels totally at home in the hotel. Now Craig greets not only me at the front door but our son too! Jed loves the pontoon, the paddleboards and being able to navigate from an early age alone around a big hotel. His first encounter with the dolphins was at Kahala, what a wonderful opportunity for a child to be able to swim with the dolphins.

David my husband has year after year brought his bike to the hotel, as a result the doorman know him and see him ride off early in the morning to another part of the Island. When he returns after his long rides in the heat, they greet  him on arrival with a cold bottle of water, take his bike and let him go to his hotel room to rest and  wash up …no fuss, just great service. This year after a trip to the mainland he arrived without his bike. We could not believe it when the doormen remarked  to David “ Where is your bike?” 

The hotel is classic, it has style, warmth and elegance. The lobby is ‘old world’ Hawaii, tasteful and refined. The grounds, the pool area are private and yet you have the luxury of a shuttle should you choose to visit Waikiki or just stay and relax in the wonderful surroundings. I send many clients to the Kahala. I always say to them it is close enough to the action or far enough …it is up to you.

Many people return and comment to me that they never even left the hotel grounds during their stay.
I will continue to bring my family to the Kahala as long as I am able, and hope to enjoy the Kahala with my son and his children one day and continue the tradition.


Thank you again, Warm regards

Amit Holckner, Melbourne, Australia

Magnum Photo Op


My wife, Jeanne and I have been coming back to The Kahala since 1976. Sometimes twice a year. We have so many memories of special situations that it would take days to pull from our files. So I'll just mention a few.

We do have a copy of "Kahala The Hotel that Could Only Happen Once" by Ed Sheehan. It was given to us and signed by Lou Finamore in July, 1991. We have an original white and green beach bag with the pull tie on top as well as a tan with green lettering one that we still use. Neither of which we will lend. We've lost things that way with people of the best intentions.

We also remember when Charles Davis would come over to sing at the Hala Terrace. One of his old mates, Kimo Garner (James) is back playing piano at the Lodge at Koele on Lanai. Of course we remember Danny Kaleikini.

A short anecdote about Tom Selleck (Magnum PI). They were shooting another episode near the bar on the beach when a break was called and the star was just standing around by himself near the ropes holding off the hotel patrons. We all took out cameras and shot with careless abandon, save one old woman who approach him and asked whether she could take his picturre. He obviously was under some restrictions from his people and just smiled at the woman. She continued to badger him for an answer when the call for resumption of the filming came. He looked at the lady and said 'well, take the picture'. The crowd let out an appreciative cheer when she snapped the shutter.

We loved the old Plumeria Cafe and probably have menus from it. Its location right on the drive was perfect for having a light dinner and watching important personages, like the then President of India, pull up in limousines.

We have many real stories to tell, but probably best in person at the hotel. We have reservations in April and have left a message for Flora to try to get us in one of our regular rooms.

Our best and we'll see you in April.

Bob and Jeanne Kessler

Mahalo nui loa for all the wonderful memories!



The first time I stayed at The Kahala, it was the Kahala Hilton, and I was about eight years old. My younger sister and I discovered the stuffed dolphin in the mini bar and begged my dad to let us keep it (which he eventually did). 

The Kahala is not just another nice hotel, it is itself a unique and special place. Of all the beautiful things about it, it is the little details that make it so special. I love playing ball at the pool, the imperial prawns at Hoku's, the ice water in plastic dolphin cups at the pool, the macadamia nut pancakes at the Plumeria breakfast buffet, and coming up from the beach to find a plate of chocolate-covered macadamia nuts in my room. 


I once left my new iPod wrapped up in a towel on a chair at the beach. When I realized where I must have left it, I went down to the pool, only to find a kind and honest member of the pool staff had found it and put it aside for me. 

I keep the key to the back door of my house on a Kahala wooden surfboard keychain because it makes me smile when I use it several times every day. 


A few years ago, we came there with my uncle and my little cousin, who was three at the time. My dad gave my cousin (also his godson) the gift of swimming with the dolphins as his birthday present. 

One of the many reasons The Kahala is so special to me is because it was my mom's favorite place in the world. For the last eight years of her life, she suffered from a rare neurological disease that caused her to become physically handicapped. As her physical faculties deteriorated, it also became more difficult for her to make the ten-hour trip from our home in Washington, DC. When she became so ill that the doctors warned her about traveling, she insisted she would be better off going because it made her so happy to be there. As always, she was right. The staff was so incredibly kind to her and did everything in their power to make her at home and feel comfortable. She loved nothing more than to sit on the grass at the edge of the sand (since she loved the shade from the palm trees), on the far left side of the beach, and sip a peanut butter chocolate smoothie and read a good book and enjoy the company of her beloved husband and children. After the inevitable afternoon rain shower, she would wait to see if she could find the rainbow. 


Most recently, I came to The Kahala with my husband on our honeymoon. It was every bit as special as it always has been.

Mahalo nui loa for all the wonderful memories!


Andrea (Katkish) Mathis

‘Tanzman Thin Pancakes’


There’s just something special about The Kahala. It’s hard to describe except to say that once you go, you become part of the ohana, part of the family. My family first visited the property when it was under construction...must have been 1963. They promised each other that if they ever had a chance to return to Hawai‘i, they would bring the kids and stay at The Kahala. As it turned out we went back a year or two later; when we went to check in, our room wasn’t ready so they put us in the Tea House that used to sit out near the Dolphin Lagoon...Frank Sinatra had stayed in the Tea House the night before. Talk about a first impression! Now, 50 years later, the fourth generation of our family just visited for the first time. They should rename the Thin Pancakes the ‘Tanzman Thin Pancakes,’ because my family loves them so much! My son Mike can eat 17 at a time! I have so many wonderful memories from my stays over the years. We surprised my parents for their 50th wedding anniversary with a party on the beach. I’ve spent many birthdays at The Kahala. Just as much as we are part of their ohana, they are part of ours. Having traveled around the world and stayed at many amazing hotels, there is truly nowhere I’d rather be than The Kahala.

Susan Tanzman, Los Angeles, CA

The Hutchinson Family in 2006



We had a family vacation in 2006. The first picture is the hula teacher in the lobby. In the second picture our whole family is ready to swim with the dolphins. 


Here is a picture of my entire family taken in the lobby of the Kahala in the summer of 2006.  The names from left to right are: Cheryl Collins, my grand daughter, Don Hutchinson, Bonnie Hutchinson, Karen Collins, my daughter, Amelia Collins, Ken Hutchinson, my son, Bonnie Collins and Greg Collins.


We had a great time on this visit.

Don Hutchinson


Kahala Poetry


You slept in peace in tousled sheets
The rain blew in the lanai
I worked away on a stance
While the curtain moved in tropical dance

Dolphins awakened in the pool below
Waiting for their breakfast treat
Little children splashed in puddles
With their tiny, barefoot feet
The sun appeared, then disappeared
Fluffy clouds then gray ones came
They played with each other in the sky
Like a chasing game
I was waiting for a sign
Far in the horizon
A spray of water, a broad, wide tail
Hoping to find a wintering whale
White doves rose, flew in flocks
The sky had a break of blue
Rainbow drew a semi circle
And the peace in my heart was true

As for what prompted me to express this feeling, were many experiences during my many visits to the Kahala. Recently I celebrated my 50th and 56th Anniversaries with my husband Dr. Schiff there, as well as introducing the Kahala experience to my Granddaughters on 2 occasions.

I also wrote the following a poem in 1995 when the Kahala closed after Hilton lost the property:

Farewell to The Kahala  

Tra la la la tra la la
They're closing the Kahala
New management, owners and walls
Please do not ignore the sea gulls

Some things just should never change
Keep it within nature's range

Good bye my footprints in the sand
Lei greetings fragrant strand
Weddings, that I have arranged
For all those who were once engaged

Orchid stairways, blue lagoons
And many many honeymoons

Here is where luxury was first
Fulfilling our need and thirst
Dancing to Connie's Magic Tunes
Walking the beach, walking the dunes

And even though I want to cry
I must admit that time must fly
So lift my glass, sing tra la la
A toast to the new Kahala   


Eva Schiff, Tiburon, CA

The first time I stayed there I was three years old

I have many fond memories of The Kahala. The first time I stayed there I was three years old...the year was 1966. Of course, I don’t remember much from that first stay; but I visited often with my family — we had an apartment next door at the Kahala Beach Apartments for many years — and with my husband after that. I call The Kahala my home when in Hawaii. Among the many highlights of my visits, I remember having seen President Reagan, Princess Grace, Michael Landon, Melissa Gilbert, James Garner, Stevie Nicks, Jack Lord, Jim Nabors, Rod Stewart, Elton John and Luther Vandross. The Danny Kaleikini Show was definitely a highlight of several of our trips, one in particular. My family and I went to his dinner show almost nightly during one of our stays (circa 1969) and Danny gave me a cute flowered bikini that his wife made. How thrilling for a six-year-old little girl! He was my new boyfriend! I loved (and miss!) the penguins. The round stage outside of the Hala Terrace...as a little girl I would get up there and dance to my own tune. The huge tree in front of the hotel, middle of entrance, filled with birds. We loved sitting in the Plumeria in its old location, listening to the birds at dusk. And last, but not least, the lovely Maile Room, where we enjoyed many wonderful dinners. We sure miss it!

Ann Corley, Watsonville, CA

Our "ice breaker"



My company, the Association of Professors of Gynecology and Obstetrics, had a meeting at the Kahala in the summer of 2011. The property was absolutely gorgeous and I dream of coming back one day!


I have attached a few photos of our meeting.  Specifically, our "ice breaker" of learning how to make lei's (in a meeting room)...


Our members learning to hula...


And our raft building competition.


Fun was had by all!

APGO just celebrated it's 50th anniversary so I wanted to contribute to your efforts.


Bonnie Fetsko

A kickoff to remember...


I met my wife Laura in Seattle a couple months before moving to Maui.  We had no idea 6 months later we would be married and living together in Hawaii, but (thankfully) that’s what happened.  Laura is a season ticket holder to the Seattle Seahawks, so one of the many sacrifices she made for our new life together was to give up attending football games.  This is where our Kahala story begins.

The closest thing to a real NFL game in Hawaii is of course the Pro Bowl.  I decided to surprise my new fiancée with tickets and a trip to Oahu for the 2007 Pro Bowl.  After a few days, it dawned on us “why not just get married on the beach and go to the game?”  So, after a few minutes of searching, we found The Kahala and knew we would spend our first days and nights as Mr. and Mrs. Allen in your hands.

So, come February 10, 2007 we had our beautiful hotel room, a minister and a spot on the beach picked out, tickets to the game, and a whole lifetime ahead of us.  Just one problem...one hour before the ceremony, the zipper on Laura’s wedding dress broke. Irreparably.  Down to the concierge I went.  

They were so helpful and concerned for our big day, they were able to find a seamstress on a Sunday that would take the dress and have it back in just a few hours. Unfortunately even that would throw off all our plans, so back to the room I go.  After a few tears and a bit of runny eye-liner, my lovely bride, love of my life says to me “well, let’s just get married in our jerseys”. 

So down to the beach we go, in our “his and hers” Seattle Seahawks jerseys, bridal bouquet in her hand, rings in my pocket.  We had a very nice ceremony oceanfront on Waialae Beach, and then to the bar for a much needed celebratory toast.  Little did we know what else was in store for us.
The concierge staff, after learning about our distress kicked into high gear.  I had asked about transportation to the game earlier in the day, and since that time they were pulling out all the stops to make our day something special.  Waiting for us in front of the hotel was the house Town Car, complete with signs reading “just kicked off”, a tailgate picnic basket, and about 40 staff members who were all cheering, taking pictures and wishing us well on our journey together. 

We could not have orchestrated a better send off in a million years, and we will never forget the kindness and genuine hospitality we had that day and continue to have each time we return to visit our family at The Kahala Resort.

Mahalo nui and congratulations on 50 wonderful years,


-Bob and Laura Allen, Paia, HI

Best wishes for your Golden Jubilee


We spent a wonderful few days at The Kahala in October 2010, celebrating my husband's 50th birthday. We loved the serenity of The Kahala, particularly compared to the hotels in Waikiki.

On Michael's birthday we spent the day at Pearl Harbour - a very moving experience - and the evening at The Kahala, having a lovely dinner.

I was inspired by the beautiful sunsets, taking many, many photographs and using those as reference for some paintings when we were back at home in the UK.

Many thanks to all of the lovely staff at The Kahala for making our trip and Michael's birthday so special.

Best wishes for your Golden Jubilee,

Angela Trotter, Cambridgeshire, UK

At the Japanese Tea House on the Lagoon on October 14, 1971

Our most memorable experience anywhere in this world was at the Kahala Hilton in Honolulu, Hawaii on our tenth wedding anniversary celebration at the Japanese Tea House on the Lagoon on October 14, 1971.
It all began with secret negotiations with my manager friend at the Kahala Hilton Ms Manny Kramer making arrangements for a wondrous night of celebration on the island where the old Japanese Teahouse used to be. It was secretive because I had wanted to surprise my bride of ten years. It took quite a bit of shenanigans in order to successfully pull it off.

I gathered sixteen close friends to help us celebrate our occasion with full on delicious pupus of shrimp tempura, escargot, oysters Rockefeller, melon and prosciutto, beef sandwiches, and a bottle of champagne for each guest. Needless to say, my wife was utterly smitten with the surprise party. It was a grand evening .
After we dismissed our guests, we spent the remainder of the evening in the Hideaway Cottage with a full serviced dinner for two with three dozen American Beauty long stemmed roses at the dinner table, Caesar salad, a Chateaubriand roast with all the trimmings and a bottle of Chateau Lefite Rothchild Bordeaux..The waiters were superb, as was the entire remainder of the evening.

It was not difficult to then snuggle off to sleep in the super cozy bed after all of the above.
We left the following morning with a truly wondrous experience never to be forgotten, thanks to you Kahala Hilton.

We will be celebrating our 52nd wedding anniversary this October 14, 2013.

Carolyn and Dr. Albert Kong Jr.

We got married at the Kahala



My name is Jun Alarcon, my wife, Allison and I, are celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary. We got married at the Kahala August 9, 2003 at the Koko Head Gazebo. It was a wonderful experience. We just had our first baby and she is 3 months old August 2. Here name is Noelani. Our family stayed at the hotel during the weekend of the wedding. They stayed at one of the ocean front rooms in front of the hammock. Our family members were so joyful that night before the wedding that someone had to call security 3 times to quiet us down. It was a memorable week for our family and we are planning to make the trip back to the Kahala hotel this year to celebrate our 10 year anniversary. Congratulations to you and your staff at the Kahala.


Thank you,

Jun Alarcon

Treasured Memories of Our Kahala Vacation

Dear Kahala Friends!

I won the Circle of Excellence trip for Novo Nordisk and traveled to the Kahala Resort in April 2012.  My oldest son, a senior in high school, was right in the middle of his battle against cancer – Extra Skeletal Ewings Sarcoma. As much as I wanted to go, I almost didn’t take the trip for fear of being too far away in case something happened. Friends, family and even my brave son told me that my husband and I MUST go to Hawaii to relax and celebrate my work success.

From the moment we arrived we felt at peace.  The warm welcome with leis was wonderful.  We loved that the Kahala was so cozy and secluded. We were impressed with EVERYTHING –the kindness and attentiveness of each and every one of the employees, the lobby with beautiful chandeliers, the awesome orchid wall, the relaxing massage, the fun, fresh and open air restaurants, watching people swimming with dolphins, the fabulous smell of the island and the gorgeous beach and views.

My husband and I felt pampered and rejuvenated and ready to go home to help our son finish and win his cancer battle. Indeed, win it he did – he graduated high school, finished chemotherapy and went off to college in the fall. We will always treasure the memory of our Kahala vacation!!
Happy Golden Jubilee!

Best Regards,
Mary and Matthew Culver, June 15, 2013

Where we spent our honeymoon

Chung and I were married at the Kahala in 1989....our wedding was
arranged by Marion Sato who's remained a friend to this day.
It rained the day of our wedding....we were supposed to be married
outside. Due to the weather we were married on the balcony of a suite.
Later found out rain on a wedding day was considered good luck.
We return every Xmas Day through New Years day (other than the
remodeling time) and stay in the same room 926 where we spent our honeymoon.
We've established too many Kahala friendships over the years to mention. Suffice it to say we look forward to returning again on Dec. 25th. I’ve been visiting the hotel since the 70’s.
Used to stop over for a weekend on my way back to LA from my Asia business trips. First time I arrived, thought the taxi driver was going to rob me on the dark drive at the end of Kahala Ave...didn’t think there could possibly be a hotel in the area...was relieved to pull up to the front door. We also spent the millennium at the hotel.
Al Wiseman

Unforgettable memories!!!

I'm Jung Je-Hyouk from South Korea
I spent my stunning Honeymoon at Kahala in Hawaii stayed last November for 5 days
The Place gave us very special and unforgettable memories!!!
Sincerely yours,

The first time was enjoyable, but the second of course was much better

In October 2007, I stayed at the Kahala as a single man enjoying Hawaii for the first time.  


In April 2012 I returned to the Kahala for the honeymoon of my wife and I.


It was ironic that my first visit in 2007 turned out to be a "research" mission that allowed me to know where to take my wife on our honeymoon for her first visit to Hawaii.

The first time was enjoyable, but the second of course was much better as I was able to enjoy the Kahala with my spouse.

We plan to return to the Kahala for our 5th wedding anniversary in 2017 (if not before then).

Mr. Arnell Hill

Enjoying Our Lunch In 2010

Hi Again,

This is a picture of me in the turquoise dress and hat, my son Anthony Sepulveda who is forth from left of picture and my husband, Gordon who is fifth from left enjoying our lunch in 2010.   Also in the picture are our friends, John Levy first one on left and Karen Cease. Karen and John come every year to the Kahala along with my son Anthony Sepulveda. I use this as a screen saver in my computer.  

Penny and Gordon Shurtleff, La Jolla,  CA

We both love this picture


This is the picture with my husband, Gordon Shurtleff’s feet on left and my feet on the right.  

I hang this on my wall when I want to daydream and pretend I am relaxing on your beautiful beach in our private cabana.

We both love this  picture.

Penny and Gordon Shurtleff, La Jolla, CA

We are considering returning for our 53rd Anniversary. 




Here are photos taken in 2010 during a stay at the Kahala while celebrating our 50th Anniversary. The Kahala was the perfect place to celebrate this very memorable and momentous occasion! We are considering returning for our 53rd Anniversary. 


Martha & Paul Woollomes

Words of Encouragement from The 6 Million Dollar Man

I worked for a company up in Wahiawa called FAST FOOD and the owner was Doc Hoffmeister.  He brought in a baker from San Francisco because there were no "sourdough bakeries" in Hawaii at that time.  Baked them at the store and distributed from there as well. This is a long time ago and I can't really remember the chef at the Kahala back then but I talked them into buying some loaves and they became a regular customer.
After my wife and I married, we moved to the mainland and returned 3-4 times a year to visit family and our kids have been there like it was their second home.

One Easter, my oldest daughter, Kim, was "complaining" to a man in the elevator about the fact she had to go to church instead of hanging out at the beach (I think she was about 8-10 years old) and this man came over to where we were all waiting and told her it would be better for her to go to church anyway. That man was Lee Majors, the 6 million dollar man back then, and we all had a good laugh.

I still remember her in her blue muumu and I may even have a picture somewhere of her in it. She's 39 now so it HAS been a long time. And for the record, Steve was so gracious about everything and took the time to talk with us and everything. I think he was married to Farrah Fawcett then.

Alan Mileski




We love the Kahala!

Jim & Tamora Skelly

The Best Kahala Memories for Deanna and Sabrina


It was Christmas time 2010 when we decided that the Kahala would be the perfect place to have a family vacation. My daughter Sabrina was 5 years old and was so excited to go to Hawaii. We have so many fond memories but three come to mind. Since it was Christmas we loved seeing the gingerbread display at the Kahala. It was so beautiful and really got us in the spirit of the season. All of the trees were just spectacular.


One of our favorite times at the Kahala was tea time. It was my daughter Sabrina’s first time having tea. She loved it. I also have to say that we loved making leis after we had tea. The ultimate Kahala memory was when my daughter and I got to learn about and pet the dolphins. Sabrina loves dolphins and it was such a joy to see her discover the wonder of dolphins up close at the Kahala. There are so many wonderful memories at the Kahala that it was so difficult to choose. My family and I cannot wait to return. Part of our hearts will always be there. 

Best Wishes,

Deanna and Sabrina

Our celebration at The Kahala 

We celebrated our Wedding at The Kahala December 15, 2012. This was a dual celebration for us. We were married at Waialae Beach Park and held our reception for 40 guests in the Kahala O Ke Kai Dining Room. My husband had always dreamed of having our Wedding at The Kahala and he is from the mainland. Unfortuantely, due to lack of availabilty and when his family was able to travel to Hawaii, the only option was to have a December Wedding. 


The little girl in the photo celebrated her brithday at our Wedding. Iolani Morikami, knowing this, did everything she could to make this little girl's birthday special. She sent a birthday cheese cake to her parents room. She had also help me create a special dinner menu for her:  noodles, chicken fingers, and veggie stick with ranch dip. Now, will she ever remember her 2nd birthday? No, she will not. However, we will always remember it because of how much The Kahala tried to make her birthday just as special as our Wedding day. Her parents will remember it and we have this picture to always remind us how The Kahala made this one very important day special to all of us. 

Julie Hiromoto

Honey Mooned and Gave Birth at The Kahala

Not sure if you are interested in our story but my wife had given birth to our daughter in one of your rooms on 4/17/2013. We also stayed at the Kahala on the day we got married.
Jon Yang

Mila's first experience in any beach water


We had such a wonderful experience at The Kahala last September 2012. Staying at the Kahala made me feel so much better about life and took my worries away. Thank you for providing such a comfortable atmosphere for all of us. The food was delicious, the service was top notch. My wife, Janet and daughter Mila Jade, plan on visiting again soon. Mila's first experience in any beach water was saved for Hawaii (we live in the City of Orange (CA) and the beaches of the Kahala was actually the first.

The Reynado Family
PS.  Mila still sleeps with her Dolphin...


Wow what do I say...

Our stay at the Kahala Hotel in April 2013 was the most amazing holiday we have ever had, the staff with some in particular was fantastic. We actually stayed in the dolphin lagoon, so to wake up every morning to see the dolphins was an experience on its own.
We actually got married at the hotel and even though we did not arrange it over here in the UK your staff could not do enough to make our special day not just fantastic, but amazing, my hat goes off to everyone of them.
The food was to die for the hospitality was second to none and the service was not just the best but better than anyplace we have ever stayed in around the world.
Three cheers for The Kahala...and a massive thank you from both of us, 

Steven and Georgina Simpson


We love Kahala!!


Staying Kahala is our annual events, and we love Kahala!!


We’ll stay this summer from 13th Aug to 19th.


It will be exciting summer! 


Akitoshi Kawamura, Nagoya, Japan


Serina Swims with Dolphin

July 27, 2008.  At one of our annual vacations at The Kahala Resort.
Eric Thompson


Tallia Storm - Life Changed On 6th Jan 2012 In Hotel

We stayed in your hotel just for 2 days on 5th and 6th January 2012 - by default actually but my daughter's life changed forever.
She saw David Furnish having breakfast the day of departure (her father had seen Sir Elton the night before in the elevator). So being thousands of miles from home (Scotland) she took what became the chance of a lifetime. She marched up to speak to David Furnish and ask if he would be kind enough to pass on her CD to Sir Elton John. He did and the next day Sir Elton called her on the phone and told her she had one of the most incredible soul voices he had heard in 20 years and invited her to open his football stadium concert in Scotland that summer to 17,000 people - she was just 13 years old. She did and that was just over a year ago. Now she's recording an album, travelling the world, has sung at Teen Choice Awards and building a career. So the trip to the Kahala literally changed her life forever! All because of a chance encounter at the Kahala. She now blogs for Huff Post Teen and has PR around the world.
All this information and videos and the massive UK press coverage is on her website. http://www.talliastorm.com
Hawaii and the Kahala will certainly remain in our lives forever!
Best Wishes
Tessa Fraser Hartmann, June 13, 2013


The Suzuki Family, Two Generations

60s-Bell-Staff-at-the-Kahala.jpgMy parents had a first date at the Kahala Hilton, 40 something years ago. He was resident at Kuakini Hospital and she was a Pan Am flight attendant based in Honolulu.
They married and had three kids. The oldest daughter, I married at the Kahala a few years ago.
Dr. Alisa Suzuki, June 2013



Two Generations of Great Memories


My wife and I will be checking in next week - two generations of great memories.

James Simon


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