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50th Anniversary Turn Down Amenity


50thamenity.jpgFind a story card and golden chocolate on your pillow every night in celebration of our 50th anniversary.

Insider's Peak at The Stories of Kahala. Enjoy reading our six "talk story" turn down cards...

Look, we’re on TV!

When you’re a guest at The Kahala, do you ever get the feeling you’ve been there before? It’s probably because The Kahala has been featured in the movies and TV shows.
You might recognize those spectacular chandeliers in the lobby and Veranda in a scene from the current 'Hawaii Five-0' series. If you were a 'Magnum P.I.' fan, their favorite bar was in fact what is now our Kahala O Ke Kai Room. The wedding scene in ‘Lost’ was filmed here. And in Japan, The Kahala was home to the series, ‘The Hotel’.
Wishing you a perfect Hawaiian Night and a Glorious Kahala Day Tomorrow...

The Kahala Celebrity Wall of Fame

In the early years, The Kahala was nicknamed “Kahally-wood” by reporters because the resort was a favorite among high profile sports and entertainment celebrities.

Over the years, we’ve welcomed such stars as Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, Carol Burnett, Rex Harrison (who spent his honeymoon at the resort), Stevie Wonder (who conducted an impromptu sing-along in the hotel bar with the likes of Helen Reddy, Eydie Grome, and Jim Nabors). Liza Minelli, Eva Gabor, Lucille Ball, Helen Hayes, and Julie Andrews were among the guests along with John Wayne, Jack Lemmon, Tony Bennett, Martin Sheen, and Mick Jagger. A new generation of celebrity icons such as George Clooney, Sir Elton John, Alec Baldwin, Sean Penn, Dr. Dre, Michelle Pfeiffer, Eminem, Drew Barrymore, Jay-Z, and Rhianna have made The Kahala their preferred Hawaiian vacation haven. Visit our lobby Wall of Fame (by The Kahala Boutique) to see more Kahala Stars.

Wishing you a perfect Hawaiian Night and a Glorious Kahala Day Tomorrow...

The Kahala’s ‘Kalohe’ Ohana

Kalohe is the Hawaiian word for rascal!  And our family of six Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphins are about as playful as can be.

Soon after The Kahala opened in 1964, Sea Life Park asked the hotel to temporarily host two Atlantic Bottlenose dolphins. The dolphins took to their new Kahala lagoon home with great enthusiasm. They were so popular, The Kahala invited them to stay on a permanent basis. And they’ve been part of our ‘ohana’ ever since.
Since 2000, Dolphin Quest has managed the resort’s amazing Dolphin Experience visitor education program. Now there are six in our dolphin family: Kalohe, Hoku, Liho, Lono, Liko and Nai Noa.  Hoku was born at The Kahala in 1991. Don’t miss a chance to learn from our six special guests who teach us every day to enjoy & respect the wonders of the ocean. 

Wishing you a perfect Hawaiian Night and a Glorious Kahala Day Tomorrow...

Wake Up and Smell the Chocolates

The Kahala’s famous Orchid Wall is one of the original enduring features of the hotel. With more than 100 varieties, this famous wall has been the backdrop of wedding and family photos for five decades. And if you think you are smelling “chocolate” when you glide down those elegant stairs, you’re not dreaming. There really are orchids on the wall that emit a distinctly chocolate-smelling fragrance.

The Kahala’s other famous chocolates are the ever popular chocolate-covered macadamia nuts that are hand-packaged and available in the Kahala Boutique or in our restaurants. Delicious nuggets of Hawaiian-grown macadamias drenched in chocolate are the perfect way to say Aloha!
Wishing you a perfect Hawaiian Night and a Glorious Kahala Day Tomorrow...

Chandeliers Glinting in the Lobby

When The Kahala Hotel opened in 1964, it was heralded by design critics for its inventive new “tropic chic” décor. The giant spectacular chandeliers in the lobby are one of the original features of the resort. Each is made with 28,000 multi-colored pieces of Italian fused glass dangling from bodies of oxidized bronze. And each one weighs over a ton.

The blue, emerald, topaz, amethyst, turquoise, and moonstone colored glass was meant to stimulate the drift glass found on Hawaii’s beautiful beaches. Designed by Seattle’s Irene McGowan, the artist used 1,626 pieces of fused chunk glass in the bases. There are also matching wall sconces and stairway fixtures, all part of The Kahala since opening and still admired to this day.

Wishing you a perfect Hawaiian Night and a Glorious Kahala Day Tomorrow...

Some Like Them Thin!

It just wouldn’t be breakfast at The Kahala without those yummy thin pancakes soaked in maple syrup and butter. A breakfast original, The Kahala’s thin pancakes are something our guests simply can’t live without. So here’s the recipe you can take home along with a couple of packages of Pancake Mix available in Plumeria Beach House. It’s The Kahala way to start a brand new day! At home, just mix up a batch, keep calm and pretend you are at The Kahala! Bon Appetit!

Wishing you a perfect Hawaiian Night and a Glorious Kahala Day Tomorrow...

The original Ahi Poke

Hawaiians love their “poke” – a raw seafood salad often served as an appetizer that became popular soon after The Kahala opened in 1964. In Hawaiian, “poke” means “to slice or to cut”. The Kahala’s original version of this popular dip uses fresh local ahi. Here’s the recipe so you can take a little bit of The Kahala home with you after your stay! Or try it at Hoku’s where it is served with our breads & lavosh.

Wishing you a perfect Hawaiian Night and a Glorious Kahala Day Tomorrow...


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