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CHI Health & Energy Fitness Center

The CHI Fitness Center features a gym with state of the art cardiovascular and resistance equipment. Views of the beach and ocean while exercising is a great motivator.

CHI Health Energy Fitness Center

Staffed daily from 7:30am - 3:30pm, CHI Fitness Center features all the modern amenities you would expect from a luxury resort like The Kahala. Guests can access the gym 24 hours a day with their room key.

Personal trainers are available for individual attention and consultation, and they will be happy to plan and customize a workout regime for you during your stay. To ensure a smooth transition from home to The Kahala or the other way around, they will even consult your home trainer to build on an existing fitness program.

Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) Yoga

Two of our most popular activities come together as we perform our yoga routine on the Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP).  Make sure to try out the Sunset SUP Yoga… great way to watch the sun set off the beaches of Kahala!


Our fitness center includes the following equipmentand all cardiovascular machines. We have cable TV integrated into themachines for your viewing pleasure.

Cardiovascular Area

Life Fitness Discover SE Series Recumbent Bikes (2)
Life Fitness Discover SE Series Up-Right  Bikes (2)
Life Fitness Discover SE Series Elliptical Cross Trainer (4)
Life Fitness Discover SE Series Treadmills (4)
Concept 2 Rowing Machine (1)

We also offer private personal training, exercise classes and memberships.

Please contact our CHI Health Energy Fitness Consultants for further information  (808) 739-8940

Resistance Training

Smith Machine
Abdominal Crunch
Back Extension
Row/Rear Deltoid
Seated Leg Curl
Adjustable Bench
Chest Press
Leg Extension
Leg Raise with Bosu Ball
Lat Pulldown
Chest Fly
Row/Rear Deltoid
Dual Cable System
Dumbbell Sets, 3lbs - 50lbs

Kahala Resort Fitness Center
Kahala Resort Fitness Center
Kahala Resort Fitness Center
Kahala Resort Fitness Center

Exercise Classes

Exercise Class Descriptions

$25 per fitness class.
$35 for all SUP Yoga classes

Ask about our fitness class pass, call (808) 739.8940 for reservations (required for all classes one hour prior to start time). Please note that the cancellation policy applies for all no shows or cancellation less than one hour notice.

TRX Core

Enjoy a 60 minute aerobic workout combining the best training methods for core strength, all over body sculpting, and the use of weights, bands, and TRX Suspension Straps. All fitness levels welcome.

SUP Yoga (max 4 participants)

Two of our most popular activities come together as we perform our yoga routine on the Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP). Stand-up Paddleboard Yoga offers a dynamic learning environment of ocean wind and waves to ride on while stabilizing a playful practice. Make sure to try out the Sunset SUP Yoga… great way to watch the sun set off the beaches of Kahala!

Vinyasa Yoga

Yoga challenges your ability to balance strength and flexibility through inner and outer conditioning. Come flow with grace in a variety of postures designed to open up your mind, body, and heart.


The perfect way to start your day. Set in the beautiful Kahala pool as well as the Beaches of Kahala waters, the class is a combination of yoga, resistance training, and water aerobics. The water provides the ideal low impact environment for any individual, from the every day exerciser, to those who are in recovery from surgery or injury. The yoga portion of the class focuses on balance, core, and traditional breathing techniques. The benefit of these in combination, allow each participant to move at their own pace, and challenge themselves personally. The instructors goal is to ensure the enjoyment of the class by all, and aid them in making the best of their time on this beautiful island.

Yoga Fusion

Be guided through your favorite yoga Asana’s (poses) using your body weight and core condition to build muscle strength and core stability throughexercises combined with Yoga.

Hula Aerobics

Utilizing and teaching the basic elements of the hula, you will perform low intensity stretching and balanced movements. Our 45-minute class is appropriate for all ages and physical abilities.

Holo Holo Fitness Walk

In Hawaii, “holo holo” means to walk, ride or travel about for pleasure. Come enjoy the beautiful views of The Kahala Hotel & Resort and surrounding areas as we take a fitness walk along the coast. The instructor will incorporate strength training components using resistance bands and body weight based exercises. Great for all fitness levels. Tennis shoes are required.

Yoga Fit

Best of both worlds! Practice the smooth flow of Yoga along with Body Weight resistance exercises to work the upper and lower body. Leave feeling balanced, flowing and strong!

Body Sculpt

A full body low to medium intensity multi station exercise program. This class will focus on improving balance stability endurance and core strength.

Yoga with Weights

Be guided through your favorite yoga Asana’s (poses) using light hand weights to build muscle strength and core stability.

Fitness Cue

This class will be a mix of Pilates and Yoga using the Fitness Cue. You will be more aware of imbalances in your body and focus on alignment while strengthening and lengthening your muscles. Improve spinal column health, promoting overall health and well being. You will gain strength and flexibility while developing long, lean muscles using the help of the fitness cue to promote symmetry. All fitness levels are welcome. The instructor will modify each exercise to your needs.

Yoga on the Beach
SUP Yoga
CHI Fitness Center

Private Personal Training

Our expert staff of fitness professionals will design an exercise program individualized for you. These one-on-one training sessions begin with an individual goal assessment and warm up. The session continues with a combination of resistance and cardiovascular training using the latest techniques with an emphasis on teaching the importance of proper technique and form. Our goal in this session is to instill a greater understanding of how to attain your health and fitness goals safely and effectively.

Semi-Private Personal Training

All the attention and uniqueness of private personal training designed for two people. Great for couples looking to work out together with the assistance of one of our fitness professionals.

Private Group Fitness Class

Private group exercise classes may be scheduled in advance to meet your needs. This is a unique opportunity for your group to receive personal exercise instruction in any of the classes offered at our center. Great for families or friends traveling together.