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Dolphin Quest

The Kahala Hotel & Resort's 26,000 square foot natural lagoon is home to a family of playful Atlantic Bottlenose dolphins. The Dolphin Quest trainers offer daily education programs where guests can experience these animals up-close, and understand what makes them unique.

At The Kahala you have the chance to have face-to-face, in-water contact with these intelligent and most fascinating creatures. The encounter gives guests an unforgettable glimpse into the lives of dolphins in a beautiful environment that blends fun, inspiration and education.

*A portion of the fees from Dolphin Quest supports important marine education, conservation & research.

The best week ever!

We booked via your website. Dolphin Quest was amazing too. Nicest staff and well organized. Thank you!

~Kimberly, San Mateo, CA
August, 2012

Meet The Dolphins

Hoku -('Star' in Hawaiian) Hoku was born at The Kahala in 1991. A very good-natured animal, Hoku loves tactile attention and learning new behaviors. He is definitely our Star, and even has a restaurant named after him.

Kolohe - (Rascal) He is from Dolphin Quest Hawaii, where his mother, Shaka, currently lives. Kolohe is usually one of the first to try new things and is not shy.

Liho - ('Rare and Precious') He is a terrific animal and loves any and all guest interaction.

Lono – (The Hawaiian god of fertility and farming) He is the largest and oldest of our Dolphin Quest Oahu animal family. At 500 pounds, he ranks among the larger of the Atlantic Bottlenose dolphin species. He has sired several calves at Dolphin Quest Hawaii where he has resided for most of his life.

Nai Noa - (The Wanderer) You will be able to differentiate him from the others because of his chocolate-colored topside. Nainoa was born at Dolphin Quest Hawaii on October 31st, 1997.

Liko - (Budding Leaf) Liko was born in the fall of 2000 at Dolphin Quest Hawaii. He is long and thin, and has a birthmark over his right eye, just like his half-brother, Nai Noa (who is also currently at The Kahala).Liko is a very fast learner, and quite playful and can often be seen chasing guppies throughout the day. Liko's mother is Kona and father is Lono (currently at The Kahala).

Reservation and Contact Details

Contact: +1 (808) 739 8918 or +1 (808) 739 8888
Toll Free: +1 (800) 248 3316

Cancellation Policy

Dolphin Quest recommends that all participants check in and be ready 30 minutes prior to each program. Reservations may be cancelled 48 hours prior to the scheduled time without charge. Any cancellations received within 48 hours will be assessed as a full charge for the program reserved per person.

For the benefit of the dolphins...

Dolphin Quest reserves the right to cancel or reschedule the above programs at anytime.


Program times and rates are subject to change. Prices are subject to 4.712% state tax.