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12/14/2016 0 comments

“Unforgettable” is a word easy to overuse, but that’s really the best way to describe a wedding in Hawaii. Given tropical sunshine, landscapes at once verdant and breathtakingly rugged, and that ineffable Polynesian tranquility that infuses the place, the archipelago provides an unparalleled setting for tying the knot.

You’ll find some of the very best Hawaii wedding packages right here at the Kahala Hotel & Resort, where we’re ready to do anything and everything to elevate your special day into truly sublime territory.

When you consider the lavishness of our wedding packages, the attentiveness and expertise of our wedding planners, and the awe-inspiring beauty of our grounds, you’ll understand why we’re such a beloved venue for matrimonial magic.


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09/19/2016 0 comments

Rich green sea cliffs, shining beaches, the world’s prettiest breakers, and your choice of sunrises and sunsets: Oahu’s an amazing place to say your vows, no question.

And the Kahala Hotel & Resort is one of the very best places on the island to host that dream wedding: People have been flocking to our fabled grounds for decades to tie the knot and celebrate matrimony at the doorstep of the Pacific. Between our luxurious wedding packages and our outstanding on-staff wedding planners, the Kahala can make one of the defining days of your life truly unforgettable.


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