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09/04/2017 0 comments

“Unforgettable” is a word easy to overuse, but that’s really the best way to describe a wedding in Hawaii. Given tropical sunshine, landscapes at once verdant and breathtakingly rugged, and that ineffable Polynesian tranquility that infuses the place, the archipelago provides an unparalleled setting for tying the knot.

You’ll find some of the very best Hawaii wedding packages right here at the Kahala Hotel & Resort, where we’re ready to do anything and everything to elevate your special day into truly sublime territory.

When you consider the lavishness of our wedding packages, the attentiveness and expertise of our wedding planners, and the awe-inspiring beauty of our grounds, you’ll understand why we’re such a beloved venue for matrimonial magic.

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01/18/2017 0 comments

For many people all around the world, Hawaii is synonymous with romance. And it doesn’t get any more romantic than the Kahala Hotel & Resort on Oahu’s southeastern shores, just a coconut’s toss from Waikiki and downtown Honolulu but tucked into its very own private paradise.

Romance at The Kahala

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01/10/2017 0 comments

On the hunt for a meeting venue in Hawaii? Well, look no further: Here at the Kahala Hotel & Resort in Oahu, we’ve got the space, the resources, and the jaw-dropping location to make any business event or conference a homerun success!


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12/21/2016 2 comments

If you’re seeking a preeminent spa experience in Hawaii, look no further than the Kahala Hotel & Resort. For decades, our guests have sought us out for the utmost in Oahu luxury, and that certainly extends to the tranquil space of the Kahala Spa: a genuine swath of paradise expressly designed for your own personal relaxation and rejuvenation.

Given the caliber of its treatments and its therapists, it’s no surprise that our on-site spa has received so many accolades—including a 2012 nod by Condé Nast Traveler as one of the Top 20 Resort Spas in the world.


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10/24/2016 1 comments

Fresh-Baked Kahala Christmas Stollen

Need a last minute gift or a special treat for your office or volunteer staff? A guest and community favorite, The Kahala’s fresh-baked Christmas Stollen is offered this December for all your last-minute gift-giving needs.

Kahala Stollen

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10/14/2016 0 comments

A breathtaking Pacific sunset taken in from a postcard-perfect beach might well seem the highlight of an Oahu day, but it also opens a whole other chapter of excitement. The plethora of island entertainments to be had on the evening shift may just convince you to go the night-owl route, at least for a portion of your stay with us here at The Kahala.

Here’s a far-from-exhaustive run-through of some of your nightlife options!


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08/25/2016 0 comments

In Part 1 of our roundup of Kahala Hotel & Resort health-and-wellness experiences, we detailed our blissful onsite spa treatments and our wide-ranging restaurants. This time around, we’ll survey a few of the outdoor activities that manage to combine healthful exercise with loads of world-class scenery and fun.

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08/18/2016 0 comments

A visit to the Hawaiian Islands rejuvenates and restores by its very nature: The wash of a sea breeze through the coconut palms, the roar of a jungle waterfall, the sight of a green sea turtle gliding over a near shore reef, the dance of a beach fire before a Pacific sunset—this archipelago is infused with serene spirit. Guests have been seeking serenity (not to mention fun & adventure) at the Kahala Hotel & Resort for decades, and these days our health-and-wellness offerings are more extensive than ever.



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08/11/2016 0 comments

We probably whetted your appetite for romantic outings within easy reach of Kahala Resort in our last blogpost. Well, here are a few more possibilities—from an American heiress’s heavenly abode to our very own starlit beachfront!

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08/04/2016 2 comments

Lush tropical greenery, sheer waterfall-laced cliffs, some of the world’s finest beaches, mesmerizing Pacific Ocean sunrises and sunsets: Oahu’s an almost unparalleled destination for romantics. And the perfect base camp for an all-out romance-geared vacation is the Kahala Hotel & Resort, set as we are along gleaming sands and within a stone’s throw of Waikiki’s buzzing beachfront neighborhood. Hey, Frank Sinatra used to stay here—one of a whole passel of celebrities who did—and who sets the soundtrack for romance quite like Old Blue Eyes? Need another endorsement? Kahala was where Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton honeymooned, how about that?

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03/08/2016 0 comments

Golden Keys To The City Of Honolulu Means Distinctive Service At The Kahala Hotel & Resort

The resort has two concierge members on staff with the prestigious “golden keys” or “Les Clefs d’Or.” Les Clefs d’Or USA is an exclusive international association of professional hotel concierges to ensure five-star customer care is flawlessly executed.

The Kahala Golden Keys Concierge Hotel in Honolulu Hawaii

The Kahala Hotel & Resort has two Golden Keys Concierge Hotel in Honolulu Hawaii


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02/08/2016 0 comments

The Kahala Spa In Room Bath Menu

No time to visit The Kahala Spa?  Let our spa come to you.  Choose from a delicious collection of in-room bath treatments composed of essential Kahala Spa bath products.  Each treatment is good for multiple baths so you can enjoy them during your stay or after you return home.   

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12/08/2015 0 comments

The Honorable Governor David Ige recognized The Kahala Hotel & Resort with the 2015 Governor's Green Business Award for its ongoing sustainable efforts, which included solid waste reduction, recycling, energy efficiency and water conservation.

The Kahala Hotel & Resort Receives 2015 Governor’s Green Business Award

Pictured Left to Right:

  • Luis P. Salaveria, Director, DBEDT
  • Ellen Mansfield, Assistant Director of Engineering, The Kahala Hotel & Resort
  • Spring Chang, Director of Spa and Recreation, The Kahala Hotel & Resort
  • Governor David Ige, State of Hawaii
  • Cerise Nakaima, Catering & Conference Administrative Assistant, The Kahala Hotel & Resort
  • Denise Anderson, Purchasing Manager, The Kahala Hotel & Resort
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