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No time to visit The Kahala Spa? Let our spa come to you. Choose from a delicious collection of in-room bath treatments composed of essential Kahala Spa bath products. Each treatment is good for multiple baths so you can enjoy them during your stay or after you return home.

To order, please call The Kahala Spa at +1 (808) 739.8938. 48 hours advanced notice required.

  • Detoxifying Bath

    Detox the skin and lymphatic systems. Ginger has powerful antimicrobial properties. It has been used for skin conditions and because it will promote sweating (after about 20 minutes in a ginger bath), is effective to detoxify the lymphs. Detoxifying Bath includes:

    Dry Body Brush
    Fresh Ginger wrapped in Cheese Cloth prepared just for your bath
    The Kahala Spa Ginger and Lemon Bath Fizz Silk Powder
    $45 (product retail value of $55)

  • Smooth Skin Bath

    If you find yourself with dry itchy skin, or you’re suffering from a nasty rash or sunburn, an oatmeal bath is a wonderful way to relieve whatever ails you and your skin. It’s unknown just exactly why oatmeal seems to help our skin so much, but it’s thought that phenols and avenanthramides (two naturally occurring chemical properties in oatmeal) help reduce inflammation, and any discomfort that comes with it. Itchy dry skin is also often caused by lower PH levels, and oatmeal can help restore your PH to normal. On top of all of this saponins, a chemical compound found in oatmeal, really lifts up and absorbs dirt and excess oils from the skin, while also acting as a natural anti-bacterial cleanser. The herbs added to this can be chosen at will-add lavender for a particularly relaxing bath.

    Natural Whole Oats wrapped in Cheese cloth
    The Kahala Spa Collection Lavender or Lemon Bath Fizz Silk Powder and Lavender
    Citrus After Bath Body Repair Oil

  • Kahala Rose Bath

    Experience a Romanic Bliss in the privacy of your own room for yourself or prepare and surprise for your loved one. All items are available to take back home with you so that you can enjoy at least 4 more romantic baths anytime you need it. The Kahala Spa Rose Bath includes:

    Fizz Silk Powder Rose Gel Moisture Wash
    Rose Repair Oil Bath
    Body and Rose Candle

    $80 - Prices do not include gratuity.

    If you would like to make it extra special and add fresh Rose Pedals, please allow 24 hour notice, additional $24 applies.

  • Kahala Kids Bath

    Bubble Gum, Chocolate or Grape scented Kahala Spa Bubble Bath
    Kahala Dolphin
    Kahala Beach Towel

  • Silky Beauty Bath

    Bathing in Milk and Honey is a great way to get soft, supple skin all over your body. The lactic acid in milk is very exfoliating and the honey is softening and moisturizing.

    Milk, Honey The Kahala Spa Lavender Bath Fizz Silk Powder
    The Kahala Spa After Bath Beauty Body Butter

  • Sports Recovery Bath

    The Kahala Spa Peppermint, Tea Tree or Eucalyptus Bath Salt Soak

    90 minutes - $275
    After Bath Body and Muscle Cream