Yoga on the Beach

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"Blessed are the flexible, for they shall not be bent out of shape."

The Kahala Hotel & Resort's CHI Health & Energy Fitness Center offers yoga daily.  What better place to find peace than the seculded pristine beach of The Kahala?

A few of the yoga classes offered:

SUP Yoga (max 4 participants)

Two of our most popular activities come together as we perform our yoga routine on the Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP). Stand-up Paddleboard Yoga offers a dynamic learning environment of ocean wind and waves to ride on while stabilizing a playful practice. Make sure to try out the Sunset SUP Yoga… great way to watch the sun set off the beaches of Kahala!

Vinyasa Yoga

Yoga challenges your ability to balance strength and flexibility through inner and outer conditioning. Come flow with grace in a variety of postures designed to open up your mind, body, and heart.


The perfect way to start your day. Set in the beautiful Kahala pool as well as the Beaches of Kahala waters, the class is a combination of yoga, resistance training, and water aerobics. The water provides the ideal low impact environment for any individual, from the every day exerciser, to those who are in recovery from surgery or injury. The yoga portion of the class focuses on balance, core, and traditional breathing techniques. The benefit of these in combination, allow each participant to move at their own pace, and challenge themselves personally. The instructors goal is to ensure the enjoyment of the class by all, and aid them in making the best of their time on this beautiful island.

Yoga Fit

Best of both worlds! Practice the smooth flow of Yoga along with Body Weight resistance exercises to work the upper and lower body. Leave feeling balanced, flowing and strong!

Yoga with Weights

Be guided through your favorite yoga Asana’s (poses) using light hand weights to build muscle strength and core stability.

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