The Green Sea Turtles "Honu" of Kahala

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The Kahala Hotel & Resort is part of a resuce program for the endangered native green sea turtles or Honu.  Two young turtles are raised to maturity in Kahala's natural 26,000 sq ft lagoon.  At maturity, they are released back into the Pacific Ocean.

A few Turtle facts:

  • The turtles get fed twice a day, once at 10:30-10:45 am and 3:30-3:45 pm.  
  • The new turtle names are Momona (fat & fertile) and Wailele (leaping waters). A list of names were choosen by Kahala employees was posted on facebook the names with the most votes were selected! 
  • Momona is the turtle with lighter brighter markings and Wailele is the slightly smaller darker turtle.
  • Once the turtles reach approximately 100 pounds, they will be released into the ocean. The young turtles currently weigh nearly 33 pounds each. They will tip the scales at 250 pounds when they reach maturity.

  • The two-and-a-half-year-old siblings serve as ambassadors for raising awareness about endangered sea turtles. Although the Hawaiian green sea turtle population has shown improvement and may lose its protection under the Endangered Species Act, green sea turtles worldwide remain endangered. Issues hurting the wild turtles include poaching, debris entanglement, pollution and diminished food sources from invasive species and agricultural and development run off.
  • Even though the turtles receive a special diet prepared by our aquarist, the animals use their instincts to forage and graze on algae throughout their lagoon. These instincts will help the turtles successfully transition to life in the wild.

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  1. Mrs. Carole Spencer Says:
    Aloha, my daughter and I were fortunate to be staying at the hotel this year when the two turtles were returned to the ocean. My daughter filmed their journey from the hotel to the last view of them swimming out to to the vast unknown. They seems to know exactly what to do. Thank you all the employees who care for them with so much love. I will be staying at the hotel starting April 27,2014 and first on my agenda will be to see your new turtles. Love and Happy Holidays to all of the caregivers . Carole Spencer and Leslie Leone

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