Thank you for my wonderful stay

Down Memory Lane

Thank you for my wonderful stay at the Kahala.
As always it was a pleasure to be welcomed by my old friends Craig the doorman and Jackie at the front desk.

They always remember us and make us feel so welcome, when they say, “Welcome back Mr and Mrs Holckner” I know they really mean it.

I have been coming to the Kahala hotel for over 40 years. I came with my parents when I was a child year after year normally at Christmas time as a stopover on the way to Los Angeles.  We spent countless hours in the pool and on the beach, in those days all the planes from Australia flew via Honolulu for the big trip to the USA.

We, as children marvelled at the pool and the beach being so close to one another, it was a tropical beach with palm trees  and a big hotel that had so many floors. We felt so safe and so at home. The staff looked after us and always knew our names. It gave us the feeling of coming home to somewhere really familiar. I know my father taught my younger sister Charis to swim in your pool.

I think the breakfast at the Kahala was the first time I had ever seen a buffet, and what a buffet it is.
Now when I return some thirty years later, I still see Shelley who has been making my omelettes for many years, just the way I like them, without even having to ask. I believe that Shelley has moved behind the scenes into the kitchen now, and I do not see her as often but when I do, it is instant recognition and a big smile.

Twenty one years ago prior to our wedding in Maui, our whole family came here for a pre-wedding holiday before our marriage….some nineteen of our immediate family to share a long weekend all together.

It has always been an important part of my life.

About twenty years ago, I began work in my mother’s travel agency here in Melbourne, Atlas Travel Service. I then began sending clients to the Kahala just like my mother had done for years.
All have returned happy and thrilled with my hotel and holiday recommendation.

Then when we finally had a child we decided it was time for the third generation to experience the wonderful Kahala.

Now year after year we return with our son Jed. He now feels totally at home in the hotel. Now Craig greets not only me at the front door but our son too! Jed loves the pontoon, the paddleboards and being able to navigate from an early age alone around a big hotel. His first encounter with the dolphins was at Kahala, what a wonderful opportunity for a child to be able to swim with the dolphins.

David my husband has year after year brought his bike to the hotel, as a result the doorman know him and see him ride off early in the morning to another part of the Island. When he returns after his long rides in the heat, they greet  him on arrival with a cold bottle of water, take his bike and let him go to his hotel room to rest and  wash up …no fuss, just great service. This year after a trip to the mainland he arrived without his bike. We could not believe it when the doormen remarked  to David “ Where is your bike?” 

The hotel is classic, it has style, warmth and elegance. The lobby is ‘old world’ Hawaii, tasteful and refined. The grounds, the pool area are private and yet you have the luxury of a shuttle should you choose to visit Waikiki or just stay and relax in the wonderful surroundings. I send many clients to the Kahala. I always say to them it is close enough to the action or far enough …it is up to you.

Many people return and comment to me that they never even left the hotel grounds during their stay.
I will continue to bring my family to the Kahala as long as I am able, and hope to enjoy the Kahala with my son and his children one day and continue the tradition.

Thank you again, Warm regards

Amit Holckner, Melbourne, Australia