‘Tanzman Thin Pancakes’

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There’s just something special about The Kahala. It’s hard to describe except to say that once you go, you become part of the ohana, part of the family. My family first visited the property when it was under construction...must have been 1963. They promised each other that if they ever had a chance to return to Hawai‘i, they would bring the kids and stay at The Kahala. As it turned out we went back a year or two later; when we went to check in, our room wasn’t ready so they put us in the Tea House that used to sit out near the Dolphin Lagoon...Frank Sinatra had stayed in the Tea House the night before. Talk about a first impression! Now, 50 years later, the fourth generation of our family just visited for the first time. They should rename the Thin Pancakes the ‘Tanzman Thin Pancakes,’ because my family loves them so much! My son Mike can eat 17 at a time! I have so many wonderful memories from my stays over the years. We surprised my parents for their 50th wedding anniversary with a party on the beach. I’ve spent many birthdays at The Kahala. Just as much as we are part of their ohana, they are part of ours. Having traveled around the world and stayed at many amazing hotels, there is truly nowhere I’d rather be than The Kahala.

Susan Tanzman, Los Angeles, CA

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