Magnum Photo Op

Down Memory Lane

Magnum PI Photo Op

My wife, Jeanne and I have been coming back to The Kahala since 1976. Sometimes twice a year. We have so many memories of special situations that it would take days to pull from our files. So I'll just mention a few.

We do have a copy of "Kahala The Hotel that Could Only Happen Once" by Ed Sheehan. It was given to us and signed by Lou Finamore in July, 1991. We have an original white and green beach bag with the pull tie on top as well as a tan with green lettering one that we still use. Neither of which we will lend. We've lost things that way with people of the best intentions.

We also remember when Charles Davis would come over to sing at the Hala Terrace. One of his old mates, Kimo Garner (James) is back playing piano at the Lodge at Koele on Lanai. Of course we remember Danny Kaleikini.

A short anecdote about Tom Selleck (Magnum PI). They were shooting another episode near the bar on the beach when a break was called and the star was just standing around by himself near the ropes holding off the hotel patrons. We all took out cameras and shot with careless abandon, save one old woman who approach him and asked whether she could take his picturre. He obviously was under some restrictions from his people and just smiled at the woman. She continued to badger him for an answer when the call for resumption of the filming came. He looked at the lady and said 'well, take the picture'. The crowd let out an appreciative cheer when she snapped the shutter.

We loved the old Plumeria Cafe and probably have menus from it. Its location right on the drive was perfect for having a light dinner and watching important personages, like the then President of India, pull up in limousines.

We have many real stories to tell, but probably best in person at the hotel. We have reservations in April and have left a message for Flora to try to get us in one of our regular rooms.

Our best and we'll see you in April.

Bob and Jeanne Kessler