Fond Memories from a Lifetime

Down Memory Lane

Leslie (circa 1969-70)

Our family' s recollection of the most wonderful time spent at the Kahala “Hilton" Hotel. 1969 to the present.

We are grateful to the Kahala Hotel and Resort for requesting our memories of the times we stayed with you. So here are a couple of our memories and more will be revealed ...

1. We arrive about 1970. At that time I was a young mother, age 29, with my two, adorable, adventurous children - Vincent (age 8) and Leslie (age 5). The adventure begins ...

On arrival I was busy checking in etc. Around dinnertime I started looking for the kids, who apparently discovered on their own that they had arrived in some sort of private paradise. I started looking at the pool and spotted Leslie in the pool with no one around except a petite woman in a turned-down sailor hat. I had told Leslie it was time for dinner and we had to go to our room to get ready. Leslie had been engaging in a conversation with the woman sitting in a chaise while Leslie was in the pool. I never even glanced at the woman - busy with my own thoughts until the woman asked me,“Is this your daughter?” I quickly looked at the woman and answered,“Yes." Leslie poked her nose over the pool ledge and said,“Mom this is Carol Burnett." I took a second look at the woman and yes! it was Carole Burnett. Not wanting to invade her private time at the pool I simply smiled in recognition and busied myself convincing Leslie to get out of the pool. Carole Burnett started engaging in small talk. After a minute or two, she said, in a very amused way, “Leslie says she loves my show and watches me all the time and her brother Vincent does too." However, she said that, “When my Dad walks in the room and your show is on he makes me TURN the channel." OMG! I was embarrassed at the blatant honesty of my little girl. Carole Burnett was just wonderfully amused. During the rest of our vacation
she enjoyed having breakfast with her children and mine.

2. Leaving San Francisco for another trip to paradise, a.k.a. the Kahala Hilton, my daughter Leslie was given $5.00 to spend by her Dad. This was sometime in the early 70's. After a few glorious days at the hotel 1 started to notice Leslie sitting in the restaurant on more than a few occasions enjoying a "Pineapple Boat" which was a hollowed out, half pineapple with wonderful fruit, I believe sorbet, and as all made out of pineapple skin. A beautiful, elaborate, one-of-a-kind creation prepared by the kitchen staff. Then I noticed her later, at the “little food hut" near the swimming pool, ordering a macadamia nut sundae. In between time she lacked for nothing. When I asked her how much money she had left of Daddy’s money she happily pronounced, "The whole $5.00," and added, "This hotel is great all you have to do is sign your name for anything." LIKE IT WAS ALL FREE!! What could I do but laugh.

Thank you again The Kahala Hilton for making the kids "free dreams" come true.
Loving Appreciation for all the wonderful times we spent and continue to spend at our “bit of paradise" - the Kahala Hotel & Resort,

Carole Spencer, San Mateo, CA