Kahala Style Nicoise Salad

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Kahala Style Nicoise Salad

Seared Ahi, Kabocha, Long Beans, Ho Farm Tomatoes,

Olives, Eggs, Cucumber, Balsamic Vinaigrette

Yields 5 portions


5 oz                       Seasonal Mixed Greens

10 oz                     Seared Blackened Ahi (Maguro) Sashimi Grade please

15 pcs                    Roasted Baby Tomatoes – 3 pcs each

2.5 oz                     Long Beans or any Green Beans, Blanched & Cut into 1 inch length

3 oz                       Cucumber cut into quarters on the bias

5 oz                       Kabocha cut into Large Dice & Roasted with Olive Oil, Salt & Pepper

5 pcs                      Hard Boiled Eggs – cut into quarters

15-20pcs                 Kalamata or any Cured Olives 3 – 4 pcs per portion

8 oz                       Balsamic Vinaigrette

To taste                 Kosher Salt & Fresh Grind Black Pepper to finish

1 tsp                     Pesto


Coat the Ahi blocks with the Cajun blackened spices & sear in hot pan to order – slice into 3-4 slices – leave on side.  Toss the salad greens with the balsamic vinaigrette – place on room temp plate.  Next toss the tomatoes, cucumbers, Kabocha & beans with the vinaigrette & garnish the salad smartly.  Next place the sliced Ahi & quartered hard boiled eggs smartly & lightly drizzle the pesto, croutons & kosher salt & fresh grind pepper – serve.


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