Kahala Poetry

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You slept in peace in tousled sheets
The rain blew in the lanai
I worked away on a stance
While the curtain moved in tropical dance

Dolphins awakened in the pool below
Waiting for their breakfast treat
Little children splashed in puddles
With their tiny, barefoot feet
The sun appeared, then disappeared
Fluffy clouds then gray ones came
They played with each other in the sky
Like a chasing game
I was waiting for a sign
Far in the horizon
A spray of water, a broad, wide tail
Hoping to find a wintering whale
White doves rose, flew in flocks
The sky had a break of blue
Rainbow drew a semi circle
And the peace in my heart was true

As for what prompted me to express this feeling, were many experiences during my many visits to the Kahala. Recently I celebrated my 50th and 56th Anniversaries with my husband Dr. Schiff there, as well as introducing the Kahala experience to my Granddaughters on 2 occasions.

I also wrote the following a poem in 1995 when the Kahala closed after Hilton lost the property:

Farewell to The Kahala  

Tra la la la tra la la
They're closing the Kahala
New management, owners and walls
Please do not ignore the sea gulls

Some things just should never change
Keep it within nature's range

Good bye my footprints in the sand
Lei greetings fragrant strand
Weddings, that I have arranged
For all those who were once engaged

Orchid stairways, blue lagoons
And many many honeymoons

Here is where luxury was first
Fulfilling our need and thirst
Dancing to Connie's Magic Tunes
Walking the beach, walking the dunes

And even though I want to cry
I must admit that time must fly
So lift my glass, sing tra la la
A toast to the new Kahala   


Eva Schiff, Tiburon, CA

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