“I have all your record and tape.”

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Congratulations on the Golden Jubilee of the Kahala—such a wonderful resort with a deep and rich history.

I have enjoyed every second I have spent there—from hanging with the kids at the Keiki Pool to fabulous meals and drinks at your establishments. Nothing but the kindest hospitality has been extended to my family and me during our visits.

One funny story I’d like to share involves hanging out in our cabana on the beach. The server, after some nervous banter, told me, in no uncertain terms, that I was, in fact, his favorite artist in the world and loved my music more than anything. After much shock on my part, and an obvious mistaken identity on his part (I happen to resemble the guy very closely), I decided to let the cat out of the bag and inform him that I was not who he thought I was. My wife quickly dug her fingernails about two inches deep into my arm. Realizing I should shut up, I let him go with the certain knowledge that I was who he thought I was. I asked my wife, “what was that all about (digging her fingernails into my arm)?” She said “let it go, he’d be crushed and embarrassed beyond belief if he were to know the truth.”

Now, I realize there are more than likely policies at The Kahala about the staff confronting celebrities, but this young man obviously couldn’t resist. I will withhold his identity, in the words of Dragnet, “...to protect the innocent.” 

By the third day when we left, everyone at the Kahala was thoroughly convinced that I was who they thought I was, which will be revealed at my signature line. I never played it up or told them I was—it just took on a life of its own.

The best line I got was from a bartender at the beach bar (delightful man) who said, “I have all your record and tape.”

Anyway, wanted to share this story with you guys and I often share it with many belly laughs with my friends to spread the great word about your resort.

Thanks so much for all you and your staff have done and continue to do,

Dave Matthews (not that one)

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