Hoku's Sunday Brunch Juices

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Pineapple Cucumber...
Melon Carrot...
and Fresh Red

‚ÄčHoku's Sunday Brunch JuicesTry them all along with a fabulous Sunday Brunch not to be missed at Hoku's.

Or recreate at home courtesy of Stan Lum who shared his recipes with us.

Pineapple Cucumber Juice:
50% Pineapple Juice
50% Cucumber Juice

Melon Carrot Juice:
35% Carrot Juice
35% Honey Dew Juice
35% Cantaloupe Juice
5% or less Ginger Juice

Fresh Red Juice:
40% Watermelon Juice
20% Strawberry Juice
15% Tomato Juice
15% Celery Juice
10% Bell Pepper Juice

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