A decade of memories revolve around The Kahala

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In the late 1960s through the 1970s my late parents owned a home we lived in on Laukahi Street on Waialae Iki Ridge.  My dad kept a spotting scope on our table on the lanai - he was just a SURE he would see "something exciting" happen in one of the rooms.  Of course he never did!

I spent summers hanging out on the beach back in the days when Bobby Krewson ran the concession there.

My career goal for many years was to be the PR Director for the hotel - I was inspired by Kay Ahern.

My parents' friends owned the art gallery concession in the hotel and my mom worked there as a favor when they went on vacation.  She met Helen Copeland (a hotel guest) there and my attendance at (and graduation from) Lewis & Clark College in Portland are a direct result of that meeting.

It's safe to say that a decade of memories revolve around the Kahala.

Rosemary Dunn
Anchorage, AK


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