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The Dolphins of Kahala

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Swim with Dolphins in Hawaii?

Did you know The Kahala Hotel & Resort has a 26,000 square foot lagoon that is home to resident Atlantic bottlenose dolphins? 

One such dolphin is named Hoku and he was born at The Kahala in 1991. Hoku means 'Star' in Hawaiian and became the name our our award-winning fine dining restaurant Hoku's.  Hoku, the dolphin, is a very good-natured animal, Hoku loves tactile attention and learning new behaviors. He is definitely our Star, and even has a restaurant named after him.

Dolphin Quest runs great programs that allow guests the opportunity to get up close and personal with the dolphins.  The natural setting allows for a once in a lifetime activity.  View programs (pdf)  *A portion of the fees from Dolphin Quest supports important marine education, conservation & research.

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Kahala Cocktails

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Kahala Mai Tai Recipe

Cocktails are an essential part of a good beach resort! 

0.5 oz                          Orgeat (Almond Sweetener)
0.5 oz                          Rock Candy Syrup
0.5 oz                          Orange Curacao
1.5 oz                          Fresh Squeezed Lemon Juice
1.25 oz                        Bacardi Gold Rum
1.25 oz                        Curuba Dark Jamaican Rum

Fill a Double Old Fashion glass with ice.  Pour all ingredients except rums over the ice.  Stir, then top off glass with more ice.  Float rums on the mixture.  Garnish with a squeeze of lime, pineapple wedge, and an orchid.