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The Art of Kahala

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Art plays a big part of the decor and history of The Kahala Hotel & Resort.  Each floor has a different Hawaiian artifact on display as you exit the elevator.



Chefs' Garden Grows….

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The small Chef's Garden is having a bumper year.  "Edible Flowers" that are just now Blooming and being added to our dishes by Chef Wayne and his culinary team.


May Day is Lei Day in Hawaii

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Hospitality Suite at The Kahala Hotel & Resort

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We are delighted to unveil the Kahala’s Hospitality Suite located on the first floor of the Tower Wing (1,100 sq. ft.).


The hospitality and business lounge features plush seating, refreshments, one flatscreen TV, and two computer work stations with printing and fax capability. The suite includes a private shower area and two intimate rooms to rest from your travels.
There is an additionally, 150 sq. ft lanai with two exotic punees to lounge and soak in the warm Hawaii sunshine.  The hospitality suite is available for use with early arrival or late departure times.   

The First Day of Spring March 20, 2014 #HappyDay

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March 20, 2014 is the first day of Spring and the International Day of Happiness #HappyDay.  In Hawaii, giving a lei brings happiness and spreads Aloha. Every guest at The Kahala Hotel & Resort is given a welcome lei on arrival.  The lehua lei in the image comes from`Ohi`a lehua, a native tree that grows on all the Hawaiian islands. The tree's flowers - ranging in color from white to yellow to pink or red - mature leaves (lau lehua), young leaves and buds (liko lehua) and seeds (hua lehua) are all used in lei making. The vivid red color - symbolizing sacredness - of the pua lehua, or lehua blossoms, and liko lehua makes these forms preferred in lei. Since ancient times, the association of red and sacredness with lehua crops up in chants and songs, including mele inoa or name chants for chiefs and the legends of Pele. Prized by the volcano goddess, lei made from lehua are still placed at the crater as offerings to Pele. (referenced by HawaiianHistory.org)

The welcome lei given on arrival at The Kahala Hotel & Resort has changed over the years, but the sentiment of spreading Aloha & happiness remains the same.